Walking Home

I did this one after reading a couple different news articles.  One was in the NY Times about carbon dioxide levels reaching dangerously high levels and the other was about a company trying to start a colony on Mars.  So I did an illustration of a woman walking through a post apocalyptic landscape with a bag of fruit.  Upbeat stuff, right?

Here are thumbnails and sketches from the early stages.  I started with the idea of her having an umbrella and the rain being acid or poisonous.  I ended up dropping that for normal rain and a fruit sack.

My original thought was to go with an intense yellow background.  Here was a quick study.

The rough layout was done in Carmine Red Prismacolor pencil and the final drawing in 2B pencil right on top.

I really wasn't digging the background, so I drew another and composited it in.

I worked on the yellow version for a while, but it just wasn't clicking.  So I let go of my yellow obsession and I think the blue works much better.  But, I couldn't resist the allure of yellow and did a new yellow version this morning.  It's pretty fun.

Prints, tote bags, iPhone cases and other things of the blue version are available on my Society6 shop.


  1. You really art my favorite artist.

    1. Aw thanks!! And thanks for following along all these years.

  2. Oh, I LOVE this!!! I've been waiting to see some more of your female characters!! Thank you!