Elephant Rider

A painting I did for my niece.  She actually does ride elephants.  Really.


Rainy Day Elephant

A walk on the beach interrupted.

This guy started out enjoying his overcast day much more.  But that just wasn't gonna cut it.




"Frankly, Mr. Shankly, you're a flatulent pain in the ass" - Morrissey



Some tree stumps, complete with an owl.

And some other drawings of trees.



It's here!
New York, Phew York has arrived.  I received my copies a few days ago and they look snazzy.  And they smell snazzier.
If you're interested in getting a copy, you can find them here - http://www.scentsationalbooks.com/
Thanks again to everyone for their support on this project!


Dragons and Updates

My website has been updated a bit.  Mostly a new header with a dragon, a few other tweaks and some new work.  Give it a look.
Here's the aforementioned dragon.  He has a fat head.


And it's on!

The Chocolate Chips and Rocket Ships Kickstarter has launched!  Check it out here.  You can see the poem I illustrated as well as the intro video, which has some animations by yours truly.  There are some really awesome artists involved in this project and you can see some of their contributions in the preview.  There's going to be a new poem and illustration unveiled everyday, so keep an eye on it.

And here's an unrelated doodle.



I recently did an illustration for a really cool project called Chocolate Chips and Rocket Ships.  Author John O'Marra wrote 99 and 1/2 children's poems and is gathering 100 artists to illustrate each poem. 

John's already got some really awesome artists on board, including David Wenzel, Shawn McManus, Cory Godbey, Mike Maihack, Wylie Elise Beckert, Yoshi Yoshitani, Kristin Abbott - the list goes on and on.

On Monday, John is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to publish the book.  I'll have a link for that once it's live.

Here's my illustration for a poem called "Blocks".  I also did some animations, which I'll post here soon.