Evil Wizard

I snagged this shape from the awesome Cup O' Doodle, a site where they put up abstract shapes and artists create drawings on top of them.  I wanted to try it out myself and can say it's a good time.  Really forces you to think outside the box and start from places you wouldn't normally.

Here's what I drew.

And here's the drawing with the original doodle overlaid.


Karma Khameleon

This one started as an ink drawing on Bristol, which I then painted with watercolor.  I scanned the bad boy in and did some more painting in Photoshop. Ta da!



Some animal sketches. And a tree!  Ink drawings, with color magic in Photoshop.


House of Cards

Some drawings of Kevin Spacey done while watching him in House of Cards.  Kevin Spacey is fun to watch in just about anything.
I couldn't decide which color scheme I liked better for this one, so here's both.



Cold Days

The heat wasn't working for a few days.  So I used my cats for warmth.

This started out as a quick warm up sketch.


Deja Vu

This guy was standing next to me for a while in a store in Brooklyn this weekend. Then I saw him again yesterday in a subway station in Manhattan. Weird! A city of over 8 million people and I see the same stranger twice in totally unrelated places.

Cheers to you, two time stranger.


Villain of the Old West

He probably robbed a bank.  That's where they keep those sweet bags with money signs on them.