Morning Warm Up

Just a quick sketch of a farmer for this morning's warm up.

And a colored version.


Painted Alligator

So last night I took a stab at painting the fat fancy alligator I posted yesterday.  And here it is -


In the Woods

The lonely ghost in the woods.

And here he is framed on my coffee table.  Gotta love Ikea frames!


Monolith Process

Monolith Process from Tim Probert on Vimeo.
Here's a quick video showing the process I used for my short "Monolith". It goes from thumbnail to storyboard to pencil test to ink and paint to the final composite.


The Personals

Another lonely ghost, this time checking the personal ads.  This one's just ink, about 13" x 10".


New Short

Here's some concept work for a new short I'm working on, called "Friends".

Here's the final concept, which is kind of an alternate of the second design.

And some sketches of the big Monster. . .


Ghost at the Beach

Here's another painting in the Lonely Ghost series.  This time he's at the beach. Also watercolor and gouache, about 11" x 10".

And a detail


Lonely Ghost

Here's the first in a series I'm working on about a lonely ghost's search for love. This one is watercolor and gouache, about 14" x 18".

And some details.

Blog Change

So I have a real website for my portfolio now! Check it out - timprobert.com
Now this blog can actually be a blog.  I'll be posting sketches and works in progress here as often as I can. And for now, my old portfolio will stay in the blog archives.
Let's start this off right - here's a quick digital painting I did the other day.

Thanks for stopping by!