Lighting Studies

A few abstract lighting studies for a short film project I've been working on.


Ruined City

This is an environment study for a project I've been working on.

And here it is before color.  This was drawn and colored straight in Sketchbook Pro - no pencil sketch beforehand. The light streams and fog effects were added in Photoshop afterward.


Under the Tree

The Lonely Ghost found a shady spot.  I was going for a looser drawing and more high key coloring on this one.



Citrus Cel

So I found out today that my short film, "Monolith" was accepted into the Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival! Exciting times!!!  To honor the occasion, I'm re-posting the film and being really excited.  Special thanks again to Alex Contos for the sound design, Sean Probert for the music and Bryan Probert for helping out with the coloring.  Cheers!!!

Monolith from Tim Probert on Vimeo.
(PS - Watch it on Vimeo to see it bigger and in HD)


Ghost in the Night

A return of the lonely ghost here.  Was thinking about Mary Blair while working on this one.


The Legend of the Mail Carrier

So this is a longer post.  Just a goofy little story.  It's long, so be sure to hit Read More at the bottom to see the entire thing.


 (Bark! Bark! Woof!)

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