Lord Huron

I'm going to see Lord Huron in a couple weeks and I'm pretty excited.  So I made a fake poster. Why not?

And a blue variant.

Here's some of the process.
First, a whole bunch of small thumbnails.

Then fleshed out a handful of the thumbnails and started playing with values.

And some of the steps along the way to the final.


Summer Fun with Nosferatu

He enjoys a burger and beer between bouts of wreaking terror upon mortals.  But don't forget the sunscreen.

Here's the original sketch, before pressing the magic color button.



Dino Party!

The terrible lizards are known for carousing late into the night.


Sketch 'Splosion!

A whole bunch of silly sketches from the past couple weeks. Enjoy!

And last but not least, Toby Zeigler! The West Wing is on Netflix and I'm hooked.