Lazer Razor

A quick little storyboard for a commercial for Lazer Razor, the greatest thing since sliced bread!
As usual, click Read More to see the whole thing.


My House!

This one started as a doodle of a house, then got a little weird.


The Escalator

The Lonely Ghost doesn't like escalators.  He'd rather take the stairs.



I always liked the stocky, older Batman in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. He was like a tank. Or a gorilla.

(Batman copyright DC Comics/TimeWarner)


Pencil Test

So the short "Sand" I've been working on is being retitled "The Well".
Here's a rough pencil test I did to start to get a feel for the character.  I dropped in a quick background and some color just to spice it up. 


Hermit Crab

He's watercolor.

And here are some of the rough sketches I did beforehand.


Morse Crab

Here's a little test animation I did using After Effects.  You can see it bigger and in HD here.