Norse God of Thunder.  He's also the Lord of Cheese and Crackers - and always a hit at parties in Valhalla.  Little known fact.



Some retro projectors and phonographs.  These are some early prop designs for the short animation I'm working on.



Here are some designs for a character for my next project.  I'm working on an animated opening for a film festival.  This guys a projectionist in an old movie theater.  More to come!


I'm still here!

It's been a crazy few weeks - I've moved into a new place, got a new studio set up, just about finished the book, starting my next project... busy!
But things are settling down now, so I'll be posting more regularly again.  Thanks to everyone who stuck around during the dry spell!
Here's an old man!

(Also - Blogger added new templates. Fun! Hope you all like the new layout.)