Blue Sky Test

A couple years back I completed a storyboard test for Blue Sky Studios. They gave you four characters - an old lady, a boy scout, a cat and a dog. The idea was to safely get the cat down from a tree using at least three of the characters within sixty panels.
I recently took my old panels, and based on some notes I received, redid them.  So here they are!
They're more fleshed out this time, so I went a little over the panel limit - this time there's 70, my first round had 51.  Otherwise, the story is exactly the same, just better staging and things. Anyway, hope you like 'em!
As usual, click "Read More" to see the entire story.
(Also, character designs copyright Blue Sky Studios)


Witch Doctor

The Wicked Witch Doctor of the West and his loyal warthog.  He's got a soft spot for shrunken heads. And pineapples. And long walks on the beach.


Lonely Boy

Some exploratory sketches of the lonely boy made during the development of "Sand".


Rainy Nights & Silly Fights

Here's another little storyboard I put together.  Click "Read More" at the bottom to see the rest.


Citrus Cel!

Sorry for disappearing for a few days there - I was in Florida. Monolith was in a film fest. I got sunburned. It was great.
Sunburn beyond lobster red and into purple people eater territory.
So this weekend I flew down to Jacksonville, FL with the lovely Jodi Puckett to attend the Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival, where my film Monolith had been chosen to play. The festival was great - a whole weekend of awesome animation, awesome people and awesome weather.  Seeing something I made on a big screen in a theater was a thrill, an incredible experience.
I'd like to give a special shout out to Shane and Bill of Dripsblack.  They put the whole festival together - they are truly awesome guys and really did a fantastic job.
To make up for the lack of drawings at the moment, I've got some pictures from reality for your enjoyment.
A palm tree! I'd never seen one for real before.

Jacksonville! I swear we crossed that bridge two thousand times. Or at least twelve.
Star Fleet Academy? Professor X's summer home? Walternate's office? The Future?
The Art of Storytelling - an exhibit held at the Cummer Museum of Art
5Points Theatre. This is where the films were screened - a very cool, restored theater.
Sometimes it was dark out.
Check out that pelican swooping! So cool, you'd swear it was a pterodactyl.
To top it all off, I found the smallest palm tree known to man. Sadly, I could not fit it in my carry on luggage.
 Alrighty, that's all for now.  I'll have some real drawings soon.  Cheers!!



I've been posting a lot of artwork from this project called "Sand" the past few weeks (here, here, here, here and here ) - so I thought I'd elaborate on it a bit.

The story follows a young boy who lives alone in a deserted wasteland, talking to the sun for company. He leaves in search of people, companions, a friend.  Along the way he encounters several creatures and what he discovers in the end is not what he set out for.

Right now I'm developing it as a short, but I'm not positive if that's what I'll end up doing. Maybe it'll be an illustrated book, or a comic, or a massive flipbook, or a series of embroidered pillows. . . who knows?!

Anyways, here's the colorscript - you can get the gist of what's going on here. There will be some storyboards and character designs up here soon. I'd love to hear what you all think.