New Shop!

Hey guys!  I've set up a new online store at Society6.  There are some pieces up now, all available as prints in multiple sizes.  A couple are also available as iPhone cases and laptop skins.  You can check it out here - http://society6.com/TimProbert.  And there's now a handy new link on the blog's sidebar.
I'm also hoping to begin using my long dormant Etsy shop for originals and limited edition signed prints sometime in the future.

And here's a funny bear! He's so short!



Another G.I. Joe.
This one is Charbroil, resident flamethrowing expert.  He is also an avid gardener and often wins the blue ribbon for largest pumpkin at his local country fair.



Here's a piece in honor of the New York Islanders clinching a playoff spot.  It's also a tribute to NHL '95 on Sega - my favorite sports game of all time, as well as the extinct Hartford Whalers.

Here's the original drawing, done with Microns on cold press watercolor paper.

And some zoomed in details.


Sgt. Slaughter

Professional wrestler turned semi-professional G.I. Joe.  Sgt. Slaughter is also an avid reader of Walt Whitman and whipping people into shape.



I submitted an entry to Sixpoint Brewery's 'Beer is Culture' contest.  A couple of cultured creatures enjoying some finely brewed beverages.  You can vote for it by 'Liking' the picture on Sixpoint's facebook page here


Snake Eyes Savors a Sandwich

Snake Eyes may be a world class super ninja, but he is also a connoisseur of fine sandwiches.  If only he could take off that mask...

"Snake Eyes Savors a Sandwich"

Here's a picture of the Snake Eyes figure I had, from the frighteningly detailed G. I. Joe wiki. Apparently it's the fourth version, from 1991.  Who knew?

And I didn't put a picture of Topside in the last post, so here he is.


Topside Feeling Introspective

The first in the G. I. Joe series.  This one is Topside, lost in thought, possibly about his family farm back in Indiana.

"Topside Feeling Introspective"

Side note - I got a nice little write up on the Illustration Friday blog.  Cool stuff.  You can check it out here.


G. I. Joe

I loved G. I. Joe's as a kid.  With their ridiculous names and over the top personalities.  Those little plastic dudes were the best.  I've started drawing a series of them, exploring their sensitive sides.  They may have liked explosions, but I'm sure they also read novels, liked to cook, wrote poetry...
Drawings of Joe's to come soon.  Stay tuned!


North by Northwest

A little tribute to North by Northwest, my favorite Hitchcock movie.  I went with the scene of Cary Grant waiting at the prairie crossing after being dropped by the bus.  I think the whole sequence is beautifully shot and I love the combo of anxiety, curiosity and annoyance Cary Grant's got going on while he's waiting for the mysterious George Kaplan.

Here are some sketches of Cary Grant.

And a color thumbnail done before starting the final.


Swamp Lady

She dared not do it before, but finally, Swamp Lady has made the leap.



Sometimes, Detective Badger likes to relax with a game a tennis.  Who doesn't?

This was inspired by Stephen Silver's awesome Character Design Shuffle app.  It basically has several different categories - outfit, action, age, gender, etc. - and randomly generates characteristics.  Great for warmups or if you're feeling stuck.

Here's the original thumbnail and drawing.


Snow Monkeys

I went to the Central Park Zoo yesterday to draw some animals.  It took a long time to get used to drawing something that is constantly moving, so most of the drawings came out terrible.  These snow monkeys were pretty awesome to watch though.


Passing Ships at Dusk

A piece I finished recently.

And here's a little bit of the process.
First, a few of the rough drawings, figuring out the composition and gesture of the monster.

Then, some studies for the trees, horse, figure and monster.

And here's the drawing done nice and big in pencil on Bristol.