Winter Monster

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday!
I was going to do something wintery or holiday themed, but this came out instead.

So I dressed him up - Instant Christmas dragon!


Rams v Friars

Another animated bumper for Cox Sports.  This one is properly winter themed.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Almost there...

I'm finishing up several projects and it feel great.  Plenty of stuff to post soon!
In the meantime, here's a doodle of Donkey Kong.  Because you've gotta warm up somehow.
Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!


What happens when the ram meets the hokie bird?

I'm working on several projects at the moment, but I can't post anything from them.  Here's something I can post because it's finished.  Yay!
It's the first in a series of five animated bumpers I'm doing for Cox Sports.  It has a hokie bird in it.  Which I think is a turkey.  Enjoy.


Blue Animals

Sorry again for the lack of posts - been super busy!  Here's some sketches for a painting I'm doing for my niece.



Just a doodle.  Playing around with a different rendering style.


Some sketches

No rhyme or reason to these, just a bunch of sketches from the past few days. 



Norse God of Thunder.  He's also the Lord of Cheese and Crackers - and always a hit at parties in Valhalla.  Little known fact.



Some retro projectors and phonographs.  These are some early prop designs for the short animation I'm working on.



Here are some designs for a character for my next project.  I'm working on an animated opening for a film festival.  This guys a projectionist in an old movie theater.  More to come!


I'm still here!

It's been a crazy few weeks - I've moved into a new place, got a new studio set up, just about finished the book, starting my next project... busy!
But things are settling down now, so I'll be posting more regularly again.  Thanks to everyone who stuck around during the dry spell!
Here's an old man!

(Also - Blogger added new templates. Fun! Hope you all like the new layout.)



Just a quick warm up for today. 
I'm hitting the home stretch on New York, Phew York - it should be finished very soon! 
Alright, back to work!



The Kickstarter for New York, Phew York made its funding goal! 
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the project.  I'm very excited to get the book into everyone's hands.
Alrighty, I've gotta get back to work!



The Legend of Zelda is 25 years old this year.  That gold cartridge was definitely one of my favorite games growing up and a huge influence on me.  Here's a little doodle of Link, the Hero of Time.

(Link and Legend of Zelda copyright Nintendo, Inc.)


New York, Phew York

So I've been hard at work on New York, Phew York.  I've got 20 pages done, which is half of the book.  The Kickstarter is doing well - thanks to everyone who's contributed! There's less than $2500 to go and 5 days of fundraising left.  You can check it out here - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scentsationalbooks/new-york-phew-york-a-scratch-n-sniff-adventure

Here's the first four pages of the book. 



A sketch and a painting of a Yeti character I've been playing around with.  More to come with him...


Shiny Sumo

A quick painting. Contemplating before a match.  Or maybe after. 


Violin Serenade

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, been a bit swamped.  Here's a recent commission.


New York, Phew York

So I am currently illustrating an independent, scratch-n-sniff children's book.  It's called "New York, Phew York" and it's really a lot of fun.  It's about a kid and his family as they travel through New York's sights and smells.  The awesome author, Amber C. Jones, is self publishing the book, so a Kickstarter campaign is underway.  You can check it out here.


There are going to be 40 illustrations in the final book, so there's a ton of work to be done.
Here's the cover and three pages from the book.  Hope you like 'em!


Website Redesign

So I've finished redesigning my website, check it out!


Also, this was going to be the top banner, but the file was too big.  Thought I'd post it here though. If you click on it you can see the looping animation of a bear walking across the title.



Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've got good reasons - promise!  I've been working on a number of projects, most of which I can't post here yet, so there you go.  But I will have some new stuff very soon.
In the meantime, here's a bear!