Just some cavemen.  Getting ready to hunt some mammoths and other prehistoric things.



Here's another short animation I recently finished.  It's three short segments that will run during the previews of the Providence French Film Festival reminding people to turn off their phones and throw out their trash.  It was a fun little project to work on.



Fringe is one of my favorite shows of all time.  I love everything about it - from the writing to the acting to the design to the directing.  Makes me all giddy.
Here are some drawings of the main characters in honor of the final season.


Tumblin' Tumblr!

I'm slowly growing my little corner of the internet.  I've started a tumblr! Never fear though, this blog will continue to be lovingly tended to and I will try and make each a unique place.  They aren't yet, but they will be.

More internet goodness to come!  In the meantime, here's a weird giant nightwalking guy.



A silly piece to commemorate the release of the WiiU this week. Really, any excuse to draw some classic Nintendo characters is good enough.


Fat Batman

Something to get the weekend started right.
It's Batman, only fatter.


The King and The Shark

Lost power for a couple days from Sandy, but all is well and safe.  Hope everyone out there is doing ok!
Here are a couple silly dudes to cheer you up.



Two versions of an iOS icon I did as a commission recently.


Crayon Monsters

I was playing around with drawing on an iPad.  It's a bit awkward to get used to, but doing these simple crayon style drawings was pretty fun.


Breaking Bad Birthday

I made my sister this card for her birthday.  She's a fan of Breaking Bad.  Who isn't?



I've been looking at a lot of Howard Pyle and N. C. Wyeth recently.  I love their pirate paintings, especially the colorful ones.  It reminds you that these are a bunch of savage dudes sailing around a tropical paradise.  It's a pretty funny juxtaposition.

My pirates look more like Muppets - not quite ferocious, bloodthirsty, homicidal maniacs.



The rare Blankoot Goblius, known for stealing blankets from unwitting campers, leaving them cold and lonely.  Their long, luscious hair is prized by wig makers worldwide.



Might not seem like the most exciting thing, but so much fun to draw.  And more fun to climb.  Who doesn't love trees?


Warthogs and a Yak

Just a couple pigs of the plains and their long haired, plateau dwelling bovine pal - in all of their colorful glory.


Pickle! New York! So Many Things!

Sorry for disappearing - but I promise I have good reasons!

Firstly - I've illustrated another book and it came out today!  It's called Pickle and it's super awesome, with lots of pickles and pranks.  I had a wonderful time working with the lovely folks over at Roaring Brook Press.  I did a full cover color and about thirty interior illustrations.  It's a super fun book.

It's available on Amazon here.

Secondly - I've moved back to New York.  Woohoo!!  So, if you're looking for me, that's where I'll be lurking.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around during the post drought.  I really appreciate all you guys!
More fresh drawings to come soon.  Promise!


Tiki Lizard

He's some sort of reptilian witch doctor.  They're the best to go to for chronic back pain and various curses.



I was absentmindedly doodling a wolf and was reminded of a Ghostbusters toy I had as a kid.  It was a sweet werewolf that would howl when you squeezed his legs.  And I think he was a mailman.  So I drew that from memory

Then, with the magic of the internet, I found a picture of the toy online.


Pretty close, right?!  I added a tie clip on mine.
I can't for the life of me, however, remember why there was a werewolf in Ghostbusters.