It's raining Cats

Another painting done as a gift.  This one was actually scanned in the matte, because I forgot to scan it before. Whoops!



Here's a painting I did as a gift for my friend Mike - he played the trumpet in Friends.  If you're ever looking for some trumpet playing, he's your guy.


Dinosaur Layouts

Some concepts and layouts for the next Short Short I'm working on. Right now I'm calling it "Dino Delirium", though that might change.   


Another Alligator

This one was another painting exercise.  He's posing for his portrait - how dignified.


Sketches for Paintings

Here are some preliminary sketches for some paintings I'm working on. 


Monster Painting

This was an experiment with a different painting style in Photoshop.  He looks kinda scary.


Careful, It's Hot!

Monsters make the best guests at tea parties.
This one's watercolor/gouache, about 6.5"x11.5"

Here are a few details.

And here's the original sketch.



Off with the leaves!

Another Watercolor/Gouache.
Here's the original sketch.



Short Shorts is a series of minute long, loosely animated shorts.  Here is the first, "Friends".  I've posted the storyboards and some art from this before.  The theme music was done by my brother Sean. The trumpet and trombone were played by Mike Marg.

Check it out here, or watch it on Vimeo to see it in HD - http://vimeo.com/17103528
Let me know what you think in the comments!


Some landscapes

Did some imaginary landscapes in water color today.  I was playing around with different palettes and trying to create contrasts with in the sizes of shapes.  Fun!

This one was my favorite.


Cat in the Window

He's looking a little rough.  Probably got caught in the rain.  Or fell in the sink. 



A bit of The Little Prince, a dash of Little Nemo, a pinch of Castle in the Sky. . .  and ta da!

I think I like the original drawing better than the colored, but that's just me.


Ghost City

Another small ghost watercolor.  This one is only about 5"x5".


Ghost Town

Get it, Ghost Town!?  This one is all digital.

And here's an image I put together showing the different steps of the process.  


On the road

Playing around with colors.  And abandoned highways.  And ghosts.

And here's the initial sketch.


On the Moon Still

So the ghost is still on the moon.  This one's all digital.  I tried to keep it loose and not overwork it.