I recently did an illustration for a really cool project called Chocolate Chips and Rocket Ships.  Author John O'Marra wrote 99 and 1/2 children's poems and is gathering 100 artists to illustrate each poem. 

John's already got some really awesome artists on board, including David Wenzel, Shawn McManus, Cory Godbey, Mike Maihack, Wylie Elise Beckert, Yoshi Yoshitani, Kristin Abbott - the list goes on and on.

On Monday, John is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to publish the book.  I'll have a link for that once it's live.

Here's my illustration for a poem called "Blocks".  I also did some animations, which I'll post here soon. 


  1. Your illo makes me want to read the poem, Tim. It's great! Btw, I want to read the 1/2 poem ;)

    1. hah thanks! I'll have a link to the poem tomorrow if you want to check it out